Fragment platform for selling Telegram account

In the latest update to the Telegram platform, the latter announced a number of new updates to the platform. The most prominent feature was the Topics feature, or topics that were added to conversations and chats, so that topics can be divided into several sections. However, one of the newly added new features is the feature of selling usernames ... Read More »

11th Nov 2022
Ultra-fast 4G NVMe drives

We just launched a massive upgrade to our high performance hosting. From now on, your newly ordered hosting will be equipped with ultra-fast 4G NVMe drives, giving you 10 times faster speed for the same price.

19th Aug 2021
How to write a successful marketing plan

The importance of a marketing plan The marketing plan states the target market, because if you know the exact target audience, it is easier to find customers. It can help you create marketing messages that can pay off effectively and know how your product or service can help your target audience, so your message should be directed to your ... Read More »

9th Jan 2021
Start today and develop tomorrow

Start today and develop tomorrow It often happens that we are exposed to situations in which we have to make a decision quickly, and sometimes these decisions need thinking because the decision is right, but you think who is more important, do I take my decision at the right time or not take my time to think because my decision is appropriate, we ... Read More »

15th Dec 2020
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