The importance of a marketing plan

The marketing plan states the target market, because if you know the exact target audience, it is easier to find customers. It can help you create marketing messages that can pay off effectively and know how your product or service can help your target audience, so your message should be directed to your market.

The marketing plan provides focus and direction for many marketing and promotion options, such as email, social media, electronic advertising, direct mail, traditional advertising, etc. Next, you will need a clear plan to select the right options for your business.


How to write a successful marketing plan

A marketing plan is a tool that you should use every day to help you enter the market and build profitable projects, so when making a marketing plan, please pay attention to the things you need to understand first and then enter the market.

A typical marketing plan covers multiple elements, including: your competitor's description, the demand for your products or services, and market advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of the company and its competitors.

Learn how to write a sample marketing plan in 6 basic steps:


1- Specify the details of the current status of the project

What is your product or service?

Learn about real success methods?

Knowing the current challenges in customer retention and attracting new customers?

What are the problems you may face next year? Such as moving to a new place or new laws that may affect job performance.


2- What is your target market?

Who are the potential buyers of your products?

You should never answer "everyone or all ages".

Helping you identify your target market accurately,

You must first determine how the product or service will help your people

Determine the people who really need this solution.

Your target market may include several groups, usually called market segments (particularly for a specific market or group) For example, if your business helps people lose weight, your target market may be mothers who want to lose weight after childbirth, or women who have given birth More than once and they want to restore their health and improve their health.

Understanding your market and its needs will help you formulate information for your target market and reach your target market more effectively.


3- Set goals for the time period of the plan

It is very important to measure the effectiveness of your marketing plan by setting measurable and time-bound goals.

How to write a successful marketing plan

How to write a successful marketing plan


4- Determine your marketing methods to reach your market and achieve your goals

Let the target market be your guide to choosing the marketing strategy and ideas to use, and you must know where your markets or customers are concentrated? How do you tell them about your business? For example, if your potential customers spend a lot of time on Facebook, you can create a Facebook page or fan group, or invest in paid advertising on Facebook. If your business offers services that serve other businesses, you may want to write articles for newspapers or news magazines that target Same as your business.


5- Marketing costs

You will need to allocate a special budget to implement the marketing plan. Of course, some projects or products are mainly based on marketing, and most of the total budget is probably used for marketing, there are no specific rules to set the marketing budget, it depends on the nature of the activity, the size of the project and profit expectations, then you can set and adjust the trial budget after viewing the results, there are many One of the free marketing strategies, but it takes time, and the same time is expensive.

Are you having a family party? If you do, what is the cost of transportation, sending invitations, buying gifts etc., will you pay for advertising or mailing service? Spending money on marketing is more important than any other aspect of your business as long as you invest that money wisely and efficiently.


6- Keep your marketing plan up to date with the latest developments

The most important factor in developing an effective marketing plan is flexibility to allow for changes and the ability to deal with factors that may affect marketing outcomes and choices, including market conditions, demand for products or services, pricing issues, and new marketing methods (for example, media platforms). new social).

You should prepare a constantly changing marketing plan in real time, just like the business plan for the entire project, analyzing the results and adjusting or changing the marketing strategy is very important to align the marketing plan with any changes that may occur and to help you achieve your goals.

Why should you write a successful marketing plan independent of the business plan?

One of the mistakes that some small business owners make is that they are only satisfied with the marketing plan outlined in the general business plan. Marketing is one of the cornerstones of the success of any project, it is not the fastest sprint of running, but a long distance race in which the soul with the longest distance and strongest patience wins, And who is willing to change direction according to market changes for his business.

The importance of having a complete marketing plan independent of the comprehensive business plan is unparalleled. Marketing is no less important than the products or services provided by the project. Without marketing, customers will not understand your business, and if they do not understand you, they will not buy from you and therefore you will not get any profit.

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